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Belhaven House Hotel

For Sale (2018) £575,000 ono

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29 Hamilton Terrace,
Milford Haven,
West Wales, UK,
SA73 3JJ

Belhaven History

Belhaven Dining Room

The Belhaven House Hotel is at the centre of Milford Haven (town) which itself lies on the north shore of the Milford Haven Waterway. This river estuary was the means of access for the Norwegian Vikings who annexed all the valuable land easily reached from river and coast and drove the Welsh (North-European term for foreigners) into the hill country.Even now almost no Welsh is spoken south of the Vikings county (Landsker) line but Welsh (the language of the Britons)is still first language north of that line, now demarcated by Norman French castles.Hamilton Terrace is that part of the A4076 trunk road, that runs along the north river-bank, and overlooks the Milford 2000 Marina, and Waterway.

This hotel was built in 1797 as the home of the surgeon to the Quaker Whaling Fleet which reverse-migrated from Nantucket Mass. to Milford Haven. The town was specifically built as a Whaling Station for the Quakers on virgin ground on the North side of the creek from the old town of Hakin, from the old English "Hecke"' meaning "corner in the bend of the stream".

surgeon to the whaling fleet


Milford Haven -Whaling Station

Milford Haven was built as a Whaling Station for the fleet of Quaker(American) Whalers that plied the Antarctic oceans.

To escape heavy taxes, they moved from Nantucket,USA to Newfoundland, Canada and on to Milford. So these houses, built to their plans, are of Canadian design, and the almost exact originals can be seen in St.Johns. The arch above, seen throughout Pembrokeshire, is a Canadian arch.

This move was to place them close to London, the richest market in the world, for their whitest of white candles, made from the whale oil.

This house belonged to the surgeon to the Whaling fleet. It is some measure of his wealth & standing that he could afford to live in the same street as the shipowners.